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Shu Saito


”Creative For Resilience”をテーマに、工業デザインのみならず、企業ブランディングや空間デザイン、CGビジュアライズなど、自身の領域を拡大しながらデザインやクリエーションによる企業サポートを行う。

2023年よりMINGLE Design Officeに参画。


Graduated from the School of Design of the Faculty of Fine Arts, at Tokyo University of the Arts and joined an office manufacturer.
Mainly involved in product development of office furniture, with experience in a wide range of positions in manufacturing, from planning and development of new products to implementation design at the company's factory.
In 2022, he founded DEARA. LLC.
With the concept of "Creative For Resilience," he provides corporate support through design and creation, expanding his field to include not only industrial design, but also corporate branding, space design, and CG visualization.
Joined MINGLE Design Office in 2023.

 President of DEARA.

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