MINGLE is a group of creators and designers who specialized the different fields, such as Product, Architect, Graphic, Art, Music, Photo, Projected image and Technology. We create a complexed designs, which utilize ideas of different fields.  

This current world is full filled with varieties of commodities. And so we are working on and aiming to archive creating a design that has never existed in this world. We are happy to provide a product and add a little spices in your daily life.





澤村 祐介

Yusuke Sawamura

Graphic / Web Designer

佐々木 里史

Satoshi Sasaki

CEO / Director

垂見 幸哉

Koya Tarumi

Artist / Designer

寺田 健太朗

Kentaro Terada

Interior Designer

小野 哲也

Tetsuya Ono

Modeler / Artist

リトル 太郎ピーター

Little Taro Peter

Sound / Graphic / Web Designer

大城 喜彬

Yoshiaki Oshiro

Photographer / Designer